Herbicide resistant weeds have been a reality for decades – no herbicide is immune, including glyphosate. While the problem is significant, it is also manageable. In Australia, glyphosate resistant populations of several weed species have been found. Farmers view glyphosate as a critically important weed control tool and want to make sure that the benefits it delivers are preserved and maintained.
Where glyphosate resistance has occurred, it can be effectively managed by good agronomic practices.

There are actions that every farmer can take to help prevent or manage glyphosate resistance. By acting now we can ensure the long-term sustainable use of glyphosate in Australian farming systems, by minimising the risk of weeds developing resistance to glyphosate based herbicides.


Resistance Management Plan (RMP)

In conjunction with leading Australian weed scientists, Bayer has developed the Resistance Management Plan (RMP) to promote the sustainability of  Roundup Herbicides and the Roundup Ready technology. 


The RMP is a practical tool for farmers to help promote the longevity of the glyphosate technology across farming systems.

Download the RMP for tools and guides to help you manage resistance and risk.

Weed Management Guide (WMG)

There are a range of herbicides with different modes of action to glyphosate, which can be used in TruFlex and Roundup Ready canola crops, and in a winter cropping rotation. By adding targeted use of one or more of these alternative herbicides and cultural practices, you can maintain excellent weed control while reducing the risk of glyphosate resistance developing on your farm, saving you time and money in the future.

The Weed Management Guide (WMG) lists clear recommendations for weed control practices in TruFlex and Roundup Ready canola crops, as well as for post-harvest weed and volunteer control.

Make sure to contact your consultant regarding your planned weed control program as the following information is a guide only. 

Crop Management Plan (CMP)

Successful coexistence of all agricultural systems is achievable and depends on appropriate agronomic practices, communication, cooperation, flexibility and mutual respect for each system among farmers.

The Roundup Ready canola system supports the successful
management of segregation on farm. The Crop Management Plan outlines key considerations for farmers to manage coexistence and segregation. 


Mix It Up™

Mix It Up™ is an initiative, developed by Bayer, dedicated to helping farmers and advisers manage herbicide resistance. Mix It Up offers a free resistance tracker tool, where users can discover resistance levels in their area. The tool searches resistance data that’s been collected in cropping regions since 1993. Further information can be found at mix-it-up.com.au.




WeedSmart is an initiative that promotes the long-term sustainability of glyphosate use and herbicide use generally in Australian agriculture. This program centres on providing farmers and agronomists with all the latest tools, and resources, to manage herbicide resistance. Commitment to the WeedSmart initiative has come from research and development organisations, advisors and agronomists, chemical companies, and agribusiness and farmer representative bodies who share a common goal to safeguard the industry’s future. Central to this initiative is the campaign hub located at weedsmart.org.au.