TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready Technology

TruFlex canola is Bayer’s second-generation weed control trait offering farmers greater flexibility through an extended glyphosate application window up to first flower and an opportunity to apply Roundup Ready Herbicides at higher rates for enhanced weed control.

In susceptible plants (non-Roundup Ready canola plants) glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup blocks the production of the EPSPS enzyme which is essential for the production of amino acids that are the building blocks for proteins in the plant. As a result the plant dies.

Bayer has utilised gene technology to insert a gene into the TruFlex genome, making plants tolerant to applications of glyphosate. The CP4 gene produces a separate enzyme which enables amino acid production to continue even in the presence of glyphosate.

TruFlex canola builds on the Roundup Ready technology, containing the same CP4 EPSPS gene as Roundup Ready canola but gene expression is enhanced by the addition of a new promoter sequence.

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The benefits of TruFlex canola


TruFlex canola is Bayer’s second-generation weed control trait. New advances in trait technology will help enable better weed control and crop safety compared to Roundup Ready canola. It's a combination that could result in higher yield potential at harvest time.

Extended application window 

TruFlex canola gives you weed control flexibility. The window of application for Roundup Ready Herbicides* will extend past the six-leaf stage to first flower, providing farmers the flexibility to manage weather, time and weed challenges. 


The rates farmers need to get results

Increased flexibility in application rates allows farmers to target problem weed species at the right rate (always follow label instructions). 


Backed by the Roundup Advantage

Roundup Ready traits and the Roundup Ready Herbicide range are a system designed to work together. The leading formulations contain PLANTSHIELD technology and are the only formulations covered by the Bayer warranty.

The unmatched combination provides you with tools you need to effectively control weeds in your canola field. 


TruFlex spray window and rates

TruFlex canola varieties

Bayer partner with leading canola seed companies to ensure TruFlex canola is available in high-performing varieties. Please contact seed companies directly for variety-specific inquiries.


Seed Company Variety Website
  • InVigor® R 4022P
  • Nuseed Condor TF
  • Nuseed Raptor TF
Pacific Seeds
  • Hyola® 410XX
  • Hyola® Garrison XC
  • Hyola® Battalion XC

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