Testimonials and Videos

Growing TruFlex® canola in South Australia

Tim Murphy, Market Development Agronomist for Bayer in South Australia, talks about available spray programs for growers using TruFlex canola.

The benefits of TruFlex canola for growers

Trevor Piggot from the Chapman Valley WA, talks about why he grows TruFlex canola.

TruFlex canola - See the Difference

See the Difference with TruFlex canola - Bayer’s second-generation weed control trait. New advances in trait technology will help enable better weed  control and crop safety compared to Roundup Ready® canola.  It’s a combination that could result in higher yield potential at harvest time.

Introducing TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready Technology

Matthew Hayes - Technology Development Manager - Canola and Crop Protection - Introduces TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready Technology - next generation weed control.

Ty Gronow talks about growing TruFlex canola

Ty Gronow, Bayer Territory Business Manager, talks about the benefits of TruFlex canola.