Roundup Ready canola plants are tolerant to applications of Roundup Ready Herbicides through the use of gene technology, providing excellent weed control to canola farmers and enabling higher yield potential.

In susceptible plants (non-Roundup Ready Technology plants) glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup®, blocks the production of the EPSPS enzyme which is essential for the production of amino acids that are the building blocks for proteins in the plant. As a result the plant dies.

Bayer has utilised gene technology to insert two genes which make Roundup Ready canola plants tolerant to applications of glyphosate:

• The CP4 gene produces a separate enzyme which enables amino acid production to continue even in the presence of glyphosate.

• The GOX gene produces an enzyme which metabolises glyphosate to AMPA and glyoxylate, inactivating the herbicide.

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Benefit from high yielding varieties

  • Excellent varietal options, with a range of maturities suited to all regions and rainfall environments
  • Roundup Ready canola varieties are high yielding and offer a high oil content

Utilise Roundup Ready canola as part of an effective IWM strategy

  • Use of an alternative post emergent herbicide group (Group M)
  • An opportunity to rotate herbicide groups and reduce reliance on Group A and B chemistry
  • No residual carry-over into following crops

A valuable weed control tool

  • Roundup Ready canola provides excellent control of both annual ryegrass and wild radish. It’s a very effective tool particularly in instances where there is suspected or confirmed clethodim and/or imidazolinone resistance.

Maximise early sowing opportunities

  • Dry sow Roundup Ready canola and spray a post-sowing knockdown
  • Flexible sowing windows provide improved opportunities for setting up maximum yield potential
  • Dual-tolerance Roundup Ready/triazine-tolerant varieties can also assist control of multiple in-season weed germinations
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Roundup Ready canola varieties

Bayer partner with leading canola seed companies to ensure Roundup Ready canola is available in high-performing varieties. Please contact seed companies directly for variety-specific inquiries. 


Seed Company Varieties Website
  • InVigor® R 3520
  • InVigor® R 5520P
  • BASF 3000TR
  • V5003RR
  • GT-41
  • GT-42
  • GT-53
Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • DG 408RR
  • 43Y23 [RR]
  • 43Y29 [RR]
  • 44Y27 (RR)
  • 45Y28 [RR]

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