The 2021 DecilePro® Program is a simpler way to help you manage the risk of low growing season rainfall


In the 2021 season, there’s one simple technology fee for TruFlex and Roundup Ready canola traits, which is $8.90 (ex. GST) per kilogram.

In 2021, all purchases of canola seed containing TruFlex trait are eligible for DecilePro provided growers hold a valid TruFlex License and Stewardship Agreement (LSA) with Bayer and provide the required information by April 15, 2021. The DecilePro program helps farmers to manage the risk of low growing season rainfall.

Key features of the DecilePro program include:

  • DecilePro is available to anyone who purchases TruFlex canola, there is no additional cost to participate in the program.
  • DecilePro helps farmers manage the risk of low growing season rainfall by providing a credit to growers who receive a decile 2 rainfall amount or below, equivalent to 30% of the technology fee and redeemable on a wide range of Bayer products.
  • DecilePro is specific to every farm – by entering GPS coordinates, farmers can rest assured that the rain they receive is used to calculate their unique decile. Rainfall deciles are calculated by taking the observed rainfall record at a location and sorting the rainfall amounts into ten equal parts. Decile 1 would be the years with the lowest rainfall on record and decile 10 would be the years with the highest rainfall on record. This means that the DecilePro program will be different for each grower.

To participate in the 2021 DecilePro program:

  • Farmers will need to provide their specific field(s) GPS coordinates to their Technology Service Provider by 15 April 2021.
  • Growing season rainfall will be measured between 1 May and 30 September, 2021.
  • If farmers receive a decile 2 or below rainfall, they will receive a 30% credit to be used for eligible Bayer products.
  • Growers must have a valid Grower License and Stewardship Agreement for TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready Technology and Roundup Ready Canola (LSA) with Monsanto Australia Pty Ltd to participate in the DecilePro program.

Decile 2 rainfall triggers and farmers' DecilePro program tracking can be viewed at


  • Click here to request an License and Stewardship Agreement (LSA) to be sent to you, for signature, via DocuSign.



Program is valid for technology fee only and does not include seed cost or any other input costs.

Please click here for full terms and conditions.